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15 Things I wish I knew when I was 15

I have loads of beauty posts coming up in the next few weeks so I though I would throw in a lifestyle post. I'm 25 this year and I find it so strange when I reflect back at 15 and how much I wish someone would have shaken me and told me all this! Hope you can relate or avoid these in the future haha.

1: Leave the eyebrows alone: This is probably one of the most common things most beauty bloggers will say but it's so true. Luckily I never plucked my eyebrows, the first time I had them done was away and being asian I had them threaded but I really wish I didn't touch them. They were a lovely natural shape and they've never grown back to the same thickness. So just leave them alone! Unless you're reading for all the maintenance to come then go for it.  But do your research!

2: Labels, Stereotypes, names - they don't define you: I remember when I was 15 there was that immense pressure to fit in and I can only imagine it's so much worse now with all the access to social media and all the rest. I felt like I couldn't admit liking certain music or certain things because I had to fit in. Don't worry about all that, like what you like - the people who love you will stay. 

3: Trust your instincts: I wish I knew this so much earlier. If something doesn't feel right - it probably isn't! For whatever it's concerning trust your gut instinct as it's rarely wrong. It's never been wrong for me but I've gone against it and regretted it.

4: The friends that matter will always be there: This is a huge one for me. I found it hard to make friends and hung around with an enormous group when I was 15, however I talk to none of them now. My closest friends from school are the ones who were always there regardless. The ones you met up with and you didn't have to go anywhere. You can just stay at home and chat! 

5: Study hard! GCSEs are so so important. I didn't realise how much it would impact what I do now but anything you do they ask about GCSEs (or whatever the equivalent is!) Work hard as it's your future, no one elses. You have to do it for you. 

6: It's okay to not know what you want to do: I'm still clueless. Again I think there's so much pressure on having to know what you want to do by the time you get to college but the reality is life is unpredictable and forever changing - just make sure whatever you do you enjoy it or it's to help you get to where you want to be. Don't do something because someone told you to as it will be harder to keep motivated! 

7: Make the most of your Summer: Oh how I would love to have that long holiday. Make the most of the long holiday! Spend it with friends and family. Make the most of the sunshine and the beautiful days. Get off bloody MSN and get out. Well less MSN now moreso Twitter haha.

8: Step away from the lilac eyeliner: What was I thinking? Seriously? Lilac eyeliner. On it's own. No other make up. It's not a good look Hana step away. 

9: Some people will never change, move on: Those people who made life difficult? Likelihood is you will never come across them again. Some people are just bad eggs, they don't change. Learn to ignore and avoid. Easier said I know!

10: Everyone has their own problems: That girl that looks amazing who looks like she's got it all together... She has her own problems. We all do. You can't judge someone just by looking at them! Confidence is key.

11: Don't do something just because your friends are doing it: Again goes back to gut instincts if something doesn't feel right don't do it. And if they are real friends they won't pressure you in the slightest.

12: It's okay to be the quiet one: I was that awkward kid in the class who hardly spoke and found it really hard to even speak in class. It's okay to be like that, other people feel like that too! But things will improve with time. I still struggle now but it's improved because I know I'm not the only one who feels that way.

13: Mums are usually right: Every single person my mum said was a bad person I'm not friends with anymore. Any advice she gave even though I ignored it at the time, I wish I hadn't. She has a wealth of knowledge. Maybe not admit it to her but do listen to her.

14: Bullying: It's not ok. I got bullied many times at school but I never spoke up. I really wish I had so people knew how I felt as I really dreaded going into school for so long. Don't be afraid to speak up, no one has the right to treat you badly. You deserve better. 

15: You don't need to completely know who you are: We grow and we learn. Cheesy and obvious I know. If I was the same person I was ten years ago things would be very different. Hell if things were the same it was five years ago things would also be very different. Life challenges you, things are forever changing. You are forever discovering things about yourself and that's okay! 

Right that got a bit deep haha. What do you wish you knew when you were in your teen years? 

Hana ♥


  1. I would love to be able to go back in time and tell myself to be more confident, not care what others thought and have the courage to pursue my dreams more. Still, I guess we just have to be grateful we have learned these things now! Great post. x

    Kate Louise Blogs

    1. Oh so would I. It's so easy to reflect back now, but you're certainly right! It makes us the people we are today :) Thanks for reading!

      Hana ♥

  2. Oh god, so relatable. Things really did feel like the end of the world 5 years ago when it really doesn't matter now x
    Love Vicki |

    1. I know what you mean! I was a very dramatic teenager haha I'm glad I've calmed down now. Thanks for reading :)

      Hana ♥


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